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Boston is one of the biggest and most historically significant cities in New England. It is also the Capital City of Massachusetts state. A city lies in the arm of the Atlantic Ocean, and thus, shares a deep connection with the harbor and ocean. It also shares a rich history, houses diverse neighborhoods, and encompasses a legacy of education, culture, and arts. Boston is truly a city that everyone can enjoy, and below are the top places you should visit, when in Boston, MA.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

This place compromise of four buildings and Faneuil Hall is the oldest one out of them all. This historical structure has been standing firm since 1742 and is one of the most admirable parts of the freedom trail. The freedom trail is a guided walking pathway that takes you around all the significant places that were instrumental during the American Revolution era.

Even today, this marketplace is Boston’s official meeting place, just like how it was back in earlier times. When you visit this place today, you will find that it is now, a classic urban destination, which consists of a multitude of different restaurants, shops, and outdoor recreational spaces.

Boston Duck Tour

There are few better ways to explore the city of Boston than to hop on aboard on the Boston Duck Tour. This is a bus tour that will take you around all the famous tourist attractions, and an expert will guide you across all the insights and interesting facts about each place.

This complete experience takes you around the Boston Commons, freedom trail sites, and splashes down the Charles River. The tour lasts about 80 minutes and in this much time, you get to learn a great bunch. Overall, this guided bus tour is worth your time and money.

Fenway Park Tour

This is an iconic baseball park that is home to the Boston Red Sox. To visit this park, you will have to visit Kenmore Square. The American Red Sox in Boston’s Major League Baseball team and the stadium represents one of the oldest Baseball Park that has it still standing.

Therefore, this stadium is more than just a park, it is a monumental structure that has enchanting qualities. Its construction and design allow you to step back into historic times and reminisce about the beauty of this giant stadium.

Boston Common

Boston Common is a public garden in which you can relax and enjoy. Like many of the old structures, this garden is the oldest one in America. It covers plenty of lands, and here, you can find frog ponds, summer theatres, sculptures, performances, and plenty of shaded benches to sit and relax.

Near the Boston Common, you find the Public Garden, which is a lush and maintained 4 acres of botanical space. Here, you can also be in awe of the enormously large trees that go back hundreds of years. These giant trees shade walking paths, which offer a sublime experience. This place also allows you to float peacefully on the swan boats on the middle pond.

New England Aquarium

This is a popular attraction for both kids and adults, making it an ideal family vacation spot. When you enter here, it feels like you have entered a marvelous aquatic destination. It is an astounding makeshift of all aquatic habitats. It offers visitors to marvel at, and pet aquatic animals such as penguins, sharks, and others.

Whether you love flamboyant tropical fishes or enjoy spending evening petting seals. the New England Aquarium is one place where you can do it all. You may come across an animal here that will touch your heart.

Bunker Hill Monument

This commemorative monument reminds Americans of the battle of Bunker Hill in 1775. The monument is a giant structure, which is now a very famous picture spot for tourists around the world. You can also avail tickets if you wish to climb this monument. The view from the top of this structure is marvelous.

Visit the USS Constitution

Here, you can climb aboard and witness how the giant iron ship was able to withstand the war and live out all the years. This is currently the oldest war ship in existence today and when you visit here, you get to walk along with the expert guide and learn about the ship used to function at the time of war. This is a particularly real treat for someone that loves warcraft and engineering.