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Boston’s vastness and diversity as the state capital of Massachusetts speak volumes. This is also why the neighborhoods surrounding Boston vary significantly. Here, you can find all types of living arrangements and communities. The south end of the city provides a magnificent harbor experience, while the north end has suburban attractions of its own. Whiles some neighborhoods provide residents with a safe and amazing lifestyle, others may not be as reputable.

Many factors contribute to what you would consider a” good neighborhood”. These factors include schools, outdoor spaces, parks, infrastructure, crime rate, employment opportunities, transport, parking, leisure spaces, restaurants, housing, living costs, and other aspects that weigh in on the overall lifestyle experience.

Regardless of all the factors, some lovable features of the city spread all across the regions and they are evident in all the neighborhoods of Boston. One feature is the historic architecture. Boston has such as rich heritage, that you can spot the remains of the ancient construction around all neighborhoods. Whether it is the magnificent historical buildings or the beautiful cobblestone pavements, the historic feel of the neighborhoods is unmatched by any other across the nation.

When considering neighborhoods, people will often rank some factors important, while overlooking the others, depending solely on their circumstances and priorities. Below, we will discuss three of the best neighborhoods amongst others, in which you can live a considerably healthy lifestyle.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a neighborhood that offers its residents a different outlook to Boston as a city. It is that that small town in the big city that many seek for a quiet evening away from the busy city. Even though it is very much a part of the great Boston city, when you go to Hyde Park, you will begin to feel as if though you have entered into a different town.

The natural trails, parks, and secluded green spaces in this area portray somewhat of a suburban atmosphere. The local attractions of this neighborhood include Everett Square Theatre, Ron’s Ice cream, and Tutto Italiano.

An interesting fact about Hyde Park is that it was home to the first African-American Army unit. Moreover, this neighborhood is also reputable for inhabiting one of the most diverse groups of people and setting an example of acceptance across the nation.


To Bostonians, this neighborhood also goes by the name of “Dottie”. It is home to Umass Boston and the iconic triple Decker. Residents of this neighborhood are a mix of different people and include families, professionals, students, and other workers.

Spots that are a must-visit in this neighborhood involve the JFK library, Franklin Park Zoo, and the Boston Winery. Overall, the neighborhood is thriving with opportunities and depicts the essence of an urban city.


The Booming Fenway/Kenmore area is a favorite for baseball fans across the nation. This is because it is home to the renowned Fenway Park, which is a home ground to the Boston Red Sox baseball team. Regardless of whether you are a baseball fan, this neighborhood can entice you with many more activities.

On game day, roaming around the streets of this neighborhood is most fun. To some, the cramped up and crowded spaces may be too overwhelming. Nevertheless, it also offers you the chance to witness the energy and anticipation of the sports fans.

To catch an even better glimpse of their enthusiasm, you can make your way to any sports bar nearing Fenway Park and indulge in the festivities of the local community. On game day, you will experience the neighborhood in new life, with drinks, music, and lasting celebrations.

This neighborhood also hosts an array of award-winning restaurants. Whether you are looking for gourmet meals or just a sandwich on the go, the options at Fenway are multiple. Apart from the stadium, and other places, if you are someone that likes to enjoy a drink, this neighborhood is not short of wineries and bars.

Ultimately, Fenway is a neighborhood where the people come to celebrate and have a party. However, this does not take away from the other aspects of this neighborhood. Here, you can find museums, shopping streets, and other unique venues.

One example is a store like Nuggets, where you can find music CDs and Cassettes of old records and classic music. Even though this is outdated, to a collector and a music junky, places such as these as no less than goldmines.

To Conclude

Boston has some wonderful neighborhoods that are the cornerstone of its success as a big American City. Whether you are an artist, sports fan, or a student, the neighborhoods of this city can cater to everyone.