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People who live in Boston never run out of fun and entertainment. The city and its surrounding areas offer an incredible range of music events, fashion shoes, science expos, cultural festivities, and much more.

The Cannabis Wedding Expo and Billy Strings are some of the examples of the fine taste and creative minds of the residents of Boston. You will enjoy each moment of these events.

Overview of Cannabis Wedding Expo

Cannabis Wedding Expo is an ideal event for people who want to add a touch of uniqueness to their wedding. Wondering how? Well, this expo showcases plenty of ways to incorporate cannabis in a traditional and pleasant way into your wedding or other events.

Yes! Now you can organize a cannabis theme party. This show merges both the cannabis and wedding industries in an educational, exclusive and elegant setting. The aim of the event is to inspire people and give them some ideas to bring excitement and entertainment to their big day.

Cannabis Wedding Expo introduces both new-age cannabis vendors and traditional wedding experts- under the same roof. This expo covers many aspects, such as hemp wedding dresses, and cannabis-infused parings. Jewelry, cannabis-friendly venues, bud bars, and CBD-infused cocktails are also there.

You will also learn and shop around for cannabis-associated services for the wedding, such as beauty and makeup products, floral designs, luxury brands, transportation services, photographers, and accommodation services. Hence, with the help of this event, you can plan everything based on cannabis- from your big day dress to hi-tea.

Things You will Find at the Cannabis Wedding Expo

Of course, by now, you have an idea that this is more than just a simple expo. You can find hors d’oeuvres ratings, mini spa services, gift bags, photo booths, and fashion shows.

And how can we forget that this event is totally about making memories? You will go through lots of Instagram-able experiences in the entire trade show.

Same Day Booking Discounts

Engaged couples who want to plan a budget-friendly cannabis-themed party can find an incredible range of options and discounts. Cannabis vendors, local caterers, makeup and garment experts, event planners, and other experts will be more than happy to offer you significant discounts.

Live Music

What will an event look like if there is no music? Right, it will be boring and old-fashioned. The event experts organize live music to give a wonderful and entertaining time to the guest.

Hair and Makeup Stations

Do you want to try makeup and many hairstyles before deciding on them for your event? In that case, you can check out amazing hair and makeup stations that will guide you about the latest wedding trends and how you can merge them with a cannabis theme.


Of course, you will be tired after watching a mesmerizing fashion show, visiting different shops, checking out tasty food, and doing other activities. A wonderful massage will help you release stress so that you can get active to plan a massive event.

Gift Bags

Several makeup, garment, and decoration brands will distribute gift bags to the participants. These gifts will include interesting products that might help you in your wedding. So, be sure to visit the expo; you never know you may get an expensive luxury gift bag.

Some Other Things You May Enjoy

Here are some other activities you will like at this mind-blowing wedding expo.

  • Shopping opportunities
  • Art installations
  • Product launches
  • Raffle prizes
  • Mobile budtenders
  • Party favors
  • CBD cocktails
  • Jewelry

Overview of Billy Strings Concert at Wang Theater

You can observe one of the new talents of America, Billy Strings, in this concert. While enjoying the beautiful sounds and rhythm of music, you will also be entertained by the appealing ambiance of this theater.

Moreover, Billy String is a Grammy Award-winning musician, singer, and songwriter. He will perform one of his most popular and beloved songs on the stage to impress the big audience of Boston.

You will surely fall for this artist because of his creative musical storytelling method paired with solid and exceptional vocals. He has won many awards, including the 2019 International Bluegrass Music Awards.

This event is predominately organized as a part of his tour. Billy will also perform his shows in Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Nashville, etc. If you are a music fan, this show is a must-visit for you.

About Wang Theatre

This theater is in Boston and was opened in 1925 and designed by an artist named Clarence Blackall. Wang Theatre is one of the popular theaters in the city. Not to mention, this theater has hosted several concerts and musical shows.

Location, Timings, and Date

The Cannabis Wedding Expo will be held on Nov 7, 2021, at the Sheraton Commander Hotel at 16 Garden Street Cambridge, MA. This place is pretty close to Boston, MA, so you will reach your destination in a short time. The event will start at 11 am and continue to entertain people till 3 pm. If you want to benefit from each activity in the event, it is best to reach on time.

On the other hand, the Billy String Show will be held on Nov 17, 2021, at the Wang Theatre in Boston. The event will begin at 8:30 pm, so don’t try to come late if you don’t want to miss anything.


To attend the Cannabis Wedding Expo, you need to get tickets from their website. Since the event is popular in Boston and neighboring locations, you need to buy tickets as soon as possible. On top of that, if you are planning to visit with your partner, you have to buy two tickets.

In the case of Billy String Show, you have to pay $39.50 for each ticket from the website: Ticket Master. The tickets will likely be sold out; so, buy them as soon as possible.