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Boston shares deep connections with the maritime world since it situates on the edge of the Atlantic. Due to this, people around the world head over to Boston’s harbor at the beginning of the summer. In Boston, the months starting from early May and continuing onwards to October make up the prime season for aquatic sightings in the area.

Summer is also generally the season for all water-related activities, and one of the most desired activities involves whale watching. Witnessing such remarkable Aquatic life in actuality is unparallel to anything other natural sightings in the world.

The moments in which you get to witness marine life in their natural habitat are awe-inspiring and unforgettable. They are nothing like what you get to see at marine aquariums and enclosures. To many people, catching the goliath beauty leap over the ocean and slap its boat-sized tail on the way down is often the highlight of their trip to Boston.

This just goes to how much of an impact such a small moment can make. If you want to be a witness to this mesmerizing experience, then the city of Boston is the perfect place to start. Every summer, whales make their way to Massachusetts waters. This migration of whales is because they seek warmer waters, and which is why they make their way back at the brink of winter.

This migration of whales gives rise to several Whale Tours in Boston that set sail from different docks of the city. Below are some locally reputable Whale watching tours that take you out to sea for wonderful whale sightings.

Boston Harbor Cruise Whale Watching Tour

The Boston Harbor Cruise offers a three-hour sail on high-acceleration catamaran vessels. It is hard not to spot a whale on this tour, given that you have access to three outside decks. The viewing capacity on this sail is unlike most other whale-watching tours that you can find.

The interior decks are climate controlled and have comfortable cushioning where you can relax, socialize and enjoy the fellow tour member’s company. Along with comfortable seating, food and beverages are also a part of this wonderful tour.

New England Aquarium Whale Watching Tours

The New England Aquarium is a popular aquarium in Boston that involves an amazing facility that opens the viewers to some incredible aquatic life. Here, viewers can encounter and interact with animals such as penguins, seals, and other aquatic life.

In Whale Watching season, the New England Aquarium goes a step further and collaborates with the Boston Whale watching tours to organize a cruise ship tour that elevates the whale watching experience. This tour welcomes the visitors with front row seats to a show that stars the most exotic giants of the ocean.

This tour also features the only boats in Boston that are specifically for whale watching purposes. Moreover, much like their aquarium facilities, they also make sure that the tour is compatible for the whole family, and caters to small children. Hence, they provide trivia paper, snack bars, and crayons to occupy the children. The tour departs comfortably from Central Wharf.

Dolphin Whale Watch

Dolphin fleet whale watch tour allows you to rejoice in the beauty of the Outer Cape. To begin this tour, you have to depart from Provincetown and travel along the national seashore. The glancing views on this tour involve lighthouses, beautiful beaches, and the tip of Cape Cod. If you happen to make it to Cape Cod, then do not forget to enjoy the Dolphin Whale Watch.

The trip lasts about three to four hours, and this duration can vary depending on the whale sightings. This applies to all whale-watching tours in Boston. Typically, whales are at sight within the 2-hour mark, however, in some cases, the boat may have to travel a little further to spot a whale in action.

What Should You Bring to the Whale Tours?

Whale tours in Boston do not lack facilities. However, you may have to wait sometime under the sun to spot a whale. Making sure that you have all the types of equipment for sun protection is, therefore, an important consideration. This involves sunscreen, sunglasses, and a light shirt. Other things that you should consider bringing along include a camera and binocular to get a better view of the whales.

Whale Sightings are Guaranteed!

Regardless of which docking station you take off from, or which day of the month you select, it is almost impossible not to spot a whale during whale season. You rarely get to miss an opportunity to see a whale. Many whale watching tours provide the customers with passes for the next trip and even refunds in the unlikely occurrence of no whale sightings.