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The Booming Fenway/Kenmore area is a favorite for baseball fans across the nation. This is because it is home to the renowned Fenway Park, which is a home ground to the Boston Red Sox baseball team. Regardless of whether you are a baseball fan, this neighborhood can entice you with many more activities.

On game day, roaming around the streets of this neighborhood is most fun. To some, the cramped up and crowded spaces may be too overwhelming. Nevertheless, it also offers you the chance to witness the energy and anticipation of the sports fans.

To catch an even better glimpse of their enthusiasm, you can make your way to any sports bar nearing Fenway Park and indulge in the festivities of the local community. On game day, you will experience the neighborhood in new life, with drinks, music, and lasting celebrations.

This neighborhood also hosts an array of award-winning restaurants. Whether you are looking for gourmet meals or just a sandwich on the go, the options at Fenway are multiple. Apart from the stadium, and other places, if you are someone that likes to enjoy a drink, this neighborhood is not short of wineries and bars.

Ultimately, Fenway is a neighborhood where the people come to celebrate and have a party. However, this does not take away from the other aspects of this neighborhood. Here, you can find museums, shopping streets, and other unique venues.

One example is a store like Nuggets, where you can find music CDs and Cassettes of old records and classic music. Even though this is outdated, to a collector and a music junky, places such as these as no less than goldmines.