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The city of Boston is starting the summers in full stride. It has opened its door for people to have fun in the sun in a variety of different eventful ways. If you look across the events calendar, you will find several sporting events, concerts, art galleries, tours, water sports, and other events lined up. No matter where you are in Boston this summer, you are likely to find fun activities at your disposal.

The city of Boston is widely known to celebrate its annual events, and ever since the lockdown, Boston had lost the lively glamour that it had. However, you will be happy to know that the ease of lockdown restrictions are starting to impact the city, and resulting in the re-opening of summer activities.

Boston’s Harbor Cruises

Boston shares its location with the Atlantic, which is why it is home to some of the most ecstatic harbors and docking stations in the nation.

Moreover, the Boston coasts also share a great deal of history.

The harbor ship tours provide access to some of the highlight features of the city. In these tours, you can come across historically significant locations such as Boston’s working ports, the nation’s oldest lighthouse, Harbor island national park, and also some magnificent aquatic life of Boston’s coast.

Most of the cruise ship tours include expert narrations through which you will learn about the City’s revolutionary war history, some blasts from the past, and a few legends of the sea. Hence, cruise ship tours of Boston make for an exciting, intriguing, and insightful time under the warmth of the sun.

Commonwealth Shakespeare Company Acting Presents the Tempest

Boston Commons venue is host to many events and performances, but this one, in particular, may as well be the most anticipated event of them all.

Starting on the 21st of July, and continuing onwards until the 8 August, the commonwealth Shakespeare company will be returning their live extravaganza with a play.

More about the Play

The tempest is one of the many brilliant Shakespeare plays. Taking into account the Company’s delivery, this play will likely transcend you into a magical place of enchanting mysteries. The tale encapsulates the beauty of betrayal, magic, lust for power and struggles to regain order amidst the unwavering chaos.

Due to the post-pandemic safety concerns, you will find changes in this event. Each decision and organizational step will involve the attempt to make the environment, and all the people within it, safe. These not only include the audience, but also the performers, staff, management, and workers.

Many adjustments will take place, mostly in an attempt to ensure that the event follows the standard protocols of the pandemic. The performance will streamline in an attempt to limit the intermissions to shorten the duration of the event. Additionally, the audience capacity will also limit the maintenance of social distancing.

Moreover, members of the audience will also have to wear facemasks, and because the capacity will be less, interested members will have to register ahead of time. Nevertheless, the production will be free of cost.

Boston Duck Tours and Freedom Trail

The Boston Duck tour departs from three locations, Prudential Tower, New England Aquarium, and Museum of Science. The Tour takes visitors on an amazing route through the Freedom Trail. The Freedom Trail is a 2.7-mile path that a red brick path aligns, connecting 16 of the most monumental locations in Boston.

The Official start of this Trail is at Boston Commons and ends at the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown. You can also follow this trail on foot, however, if you wish to see it all in one day, then you will benefit more from taking the Boston Duck tour and enjoy a guided bus drive around the historic Boston Locations.

As you move along the trail, you are likely to come across many places where you will want to stop and experience it in more depth. Keep in mind that it is not important to visit all these stops in order, and you can categorically pick the ones that interest you the most, and are in accordance with your schedule.

The special thing about the Boston Duck tour is that the truck can travel both on land, and on water. It takes the meaning of “off-road” to a whole another level. While hopping on the duck tour, you will get to experience the city from the land, and the water, in the same vehicle!

Image Source: Flickr/Mike Gil