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Boston, MA consists of some of the most prolific eateries, luxurious fine dines, and delightful cafés. The city offers a wide selection of different cuisines, and some of its signature food places are the highlights of the city for people around the world. Below, are some of the best eating spots in the city of Boston.

Mikes Pastry

This pastry shop locates in Boston’s historic North End. A world-renowned Boston pastry shop has been running since 1946. The signature food item to eat over here is the Cannoli. Their cannoli are outstanding, and it comes in a variety of different flavors.

The most popular ones involve plain Cannoli and chocolate chip cannoli. This place also allows you to get fillings and toppings of your choice. Another popular item that you will enjoy is the lobster tail. Unlike the name, this is not an actual lobster, but instead, a lobster tail look-alike pastry.

These lobster tails are massive in size, and one tail can feed two adult stomachs. Not only is this a large portion, but it is also scrumptious in taste. The flavor and texture of this pastry are very similar to eating an éclair.

Most of the time, you are likely to find this place crowded, and so, the best places to enjoy your pastry in this location would be the nearby secluded spaces that are within three to five-minute walking distance.

Island Creek Oyster Bar

You can find this popular Boston restaurant in the Southwest of downtown Boston. This restaurant offers an immensely enjoyable experience. The upscale and sophisticated environment is very commendable, along with the friendly staff that makes you feel welcomed.

The most popular items that you can get in this space are raw oysters. If you come here for the first time and have no idea about buying or eating oysters, then you can ask the friendly wait staff to guide you in making the best decisions.

The most popular raw oyster here is the island creek raw oyster, the Ichabod Flat, and Row 34. The overall experience of this restaurant is great in terms of seafood. The restaurant also serves fresh bread with raw Oysters, which they rub in honey cayenne butter.

Before you decide on going to the island creek oyster bar, make sure that there are no events in Fenway Park. This is because when there are events in this location, you are less likely to find any reservation options because of busy hours.

Another thing that you should consider is that dinner starts after 5 pm. Therefore, if you want to enjoy any menu items, then you should be looking to go after 5 pm because before that, they only serve cold foods.

Union Oyster House

This restaurant holds great historical significance since it came forth in the year 1826. You can find this renowned restaurant in the center of Boston. Many people even claim that this is the oldest restaurant in the United States that is still operating.

In regards to the overall dining experience, it certainly stands amongst the top seafood spots of the city. The ambiance inside the restaurant is what gravitates people towards the restaurant. The best way to experience the environment, and get a feel for the restaurant’s atmosphere is to go when the place is not overly crowded.

With many people inside the restaurant, it is possible that the place cramps up and as a result, take away much of the historical craftsmanship and interior design. At best, this restaurant transcends you back in time, for a romantic and delicious late evening.

The most popular food item to eat here is the Clam Chowder Bowl, which comes with free cornbread. The simplistic, yet the elegant taste of their clam chowder is a joy for your taste buds, and wholesome for your stomach. Moreover, you will also find chunks of clam in the chowder bowl, which is a delightful surprise.

Apart from the food and ambiance, this restaurant offers plenty of insightful things to look at, so don’t forget to walk around and observe. On the second floor, you can find the seat where John F Kennedy liked to sit and eat.

Modern Pastry Shop

Another pastry shop from the North End region of Boston, this shop opened in 1930. Like all pastry shops in Boston, the Cannoli is the highlight of this pastry shop. This pastry shop is also a competing force against Mike’s Pastry shop, and also at a minutes’ distance.

Toscanini’s Ice Cream

You can find this ice cream in East Cambridge, which is on the other side of the river. If you have a love for ice cream, then this place is highly recommended in Boston. To many, they serve arguably the best ice creams in the world.